Stickers usage in chat is booming… does it express what to say?

Article by: Muhannad Abdelaal

Published: 17 Jul 2020


2020 is the year where digital stickers are the most important communication tool in social media platforms!

Emojis played a great role in communication back in 2019 but, nowadays stickers took the number one tool of communication worldwide!

The fact is that stickers do liven up your conversation with others but more importantly, they can express emotions that vocabularies lack.

It is known that we try our best to strengthen our verbal communication with our non-verbal communication (body language and facial expressions) therefore technological development has made it easier with online conversations.

We started up by using emojis to express some of the feelings that we might need to express online and now with this technological advance, we are using stickers because it is more efficient and more Up-To-Date.

Nevertheless, stickers are funnier, cooler, and they bring more engagement from both the sender and the receiver!

Also, they are easier to decode/interpret what the sender wants to say! With one simple sticker, you can summarize a whole paragraph with being sure that the reader will understand what you want to deliver.

In order for a conversation to be fully efficient, both the sender and the receiver need to be physically present, but in reality, we might lack the ability to be physically present, here begins the most important role of stickers which is to fulfill this gap between what is needed to be done and the reality we face.

In the process of communication development, I find that stickers are easier to use, easier to interpret, and also easier to represent your text.

Also, it is very important to understand that we are chatting behind screens which sometimes cause a barrier to communication! For example: when you say to someone: ‘okay bye’ and they are like: why are you mad! But you are not mad! But because they couldn’t see you or feel you they interpret the message in the wrong way. Now let us try sending a sticker with a bye and a kiss, the interpretation will differ 100%.

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